What are the core and fundamental themes and concepts of your art?

The center of its theme is research on human being and feminine beauty; although in his work also appear winged beings, strange figures and mythological entities, such as angels, goblins, witches, etc.,

  Sometimes their figures are shown in third dimension, inviting touch. Undoubtedly, the secret is the mastery of the technique and the materials used by Vladimir.

Only the mastery of the techniques and the palette allow their work to become impeccable.

There are people who are worried about exploiting the intrinsic potentials of technology, Vladimir rather adapted all those resources to his way of doing his art.

How closely do these ideas relate to your creative process and the actual act of creating the art itself?

Vladimir has developed his pictorial work in the field of figurative painting, experimenting, combining, fusing different techniques to create scenes of magical worlds, visually coherent, with disturbingly fantastic atmospheres. In this line his creations illustrate the biographical, historical and Western art memory.

His works are characterized by illustrating unreal scenes, moments that never materialized so vividly that through his canvases the observer is transported to a peculiar, strange, but harmonious reality.

Which artists, designers, creators (past or present) are you inspired and influenced by?

The artist's paintings mark a kind of dialogue with contemporary artists, such as Harrington, Christian Hook, even Salvador Dali, whose influence is evident in his early works.

An artist of powerful creative voice and message, what do you wish to communicate to your audience? 

In the beginning, his work was marked by a reflection on religious issues, on research of a human nature. In new works of artist on political and social criticism and interior spaces as "Ship of fools" he presents his thoughts on the destiny of a country and its rulers. In another work "Victim of circumstance" - thoughts of the author on terrorism and acts of violence.

Creatively, professionally and in all aspects of being an artist, what are your goals for your upcoming works and art?

I was looking for new concerns that would take me inside, to find other paths of creation, a few years ago, while squeezing my brain trying to find an idea, one of those that always escape, that are elusive and more so when one needs them urgently ... I went distracting in remembrances, in the foggy torpor of evasion.

I tried to reconstruct the reveries of my childhood, diffuse images that impacted my perception in my first contacts with an unreal, surreal world, with the legends and the imaginary beings that abound there, where I lived my childhood.

I feel my painting as a link with the world, which allows me to engage in a dialogue with the outside world, to express sensations recorded in my memory as the fuzzy negatives of a photographic film from other times, reconstructed in my canvases as fragments, as fragments of original myths " One of his last works is: "God, glory and gold" in Spanish "God, glory and gold" title chosen for being the words most used by the Spanish conquerors when they arrived in the New World. A deeply realistic canvas where the painter decided to capture the discovery and conquest of America in 1492, the painting locates two absolutely different realities, with the characters face to face, faced in the midst of a contrast of colors, symbols and light.

This encounter conquerors - indigenous represents in an extraordinary way the cultural clash of two civilizations, with all their beliefs and myths.

Can you elaborate further on how has your practice change over time in relation to this?

 Presenting my work is complicated, but simple at the same time I live in a moment where the clarity of concepts is confusing, deceptive and murky Through my work I pretend in the simplest way, to have an opportunity to share my concepts and deepest thoughts with society, every day I find myself in a new stage, with a different perspective. "

In his new paintings, Vlad reflects the idea of "constant mutation in time" and seeks to give a deeper meaning to everyday situations by experimenting with the most diverse and modern techniques.

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