What are the core and fundamental themes and concepts of your art?

The recurring fundamental themes and concepts of my art illustrate a series of fictional characters, depicting a different apocalyptic mood of the human mind. It’s seen through the numerous gushing colors of vibrancy melted into the canvas lost through the extravasating amounts of three-dimensional mixed media.

How closely do these ideas relate to your creative process and the actual act of creating the art itself?

These ideas relate to my creative process by producing a unique piece of art emphasized mostly through my unique touch. I love to express my signature style through various amounts of artistic techniques and materials, transforming all my thoughts into a stargazing mystery.  My works are based upon surrealism, a uniquely mystical creation of the human mind. Depicted through symbolism of where my mind can live the various psychology of their complex lives.  A glimpse of my creations is “My brave warriors”, where my fictional symbolistic subject, is shown through distortion of contrasting species, my mind attentively observes the complexities of numerous illusionary minds. 

Which artists, designers, creators (past or present) are you inspired and influenced by?

  I do look up to a lot of artists like Van Gogh, Monet, and Michelangelo. But if there’s one that struck my mind like lighting, it would be Me! I truly don't realize half the time the works that I made were from my own hands. It elevates me into this hunched back feeling inspiring me from within to create more versatile pieces that no one could even imagine about. I am my own artist/designer/creator both (past and present) that has inspired me to keep doing ME.

An artist of powerful creative voice and message, what do you wish to communicate to your audience? 

 We need to be a more caring. We are moving too fast without thinking of the outcome, much to the detriment of our surroundings and our society. With urban surroundings taking over green spaces, children of today are losing the magical appeal of observing nature. I am passionate for all that is beautiful within our natural world. Yet today, a quarter of all plant species are faced with the threat of extinction. With my paintings, I wish to encourage my audience to be aware of the sensuous beauty of nature and simply care more for the environment we live in today.

With my ‘Fine Craft’ mosaic pieces, I wish to charm and enchant on lookers to the beauty of their own past and the past of others, to having a better understanding of their own identity. These works are conversational pieces, invariably, and I am delighted by people who, while viewing my work, tell each other stories of their past recalling their own family’s collections and memories.

Creatively, professionally and in all aspects of being an artist, what are your goals for your upcoming works and art?

Keep observing endlessly!  Striving to be the best of me every day to produce more meaningful artwork and enforcing it through various forms of expressions. Lastly listen to what you feel and JUST hear them out. 

Which of your work/works stands out as a highlight, a favorite, or a significant point in your creative growth and development? and why?

For me personally the one painting that stands out from the rest would be “The Formidable Apple”. The process of making this piece was exquisitely mind blowing! Especially of how my hands felt like they knew what they were doing although my mind endured an un-phrase able emotion that I can't even express.  When a viewer stares into the eye of my subject of “The Formidable Apple”, it feels although its inviting, bizarre, mystifying, and indescribable alluring emotion lingering between the hand and the Apple. The apple (symbolism of goal) is right here but yet vastly afar, transforming this piece into a whole different meaning. Being an artist, you get to share a special bond with your art.  But for the first time in forever I felt this was the piece I connected the most with.

An artist of powerful creative voice and message, what do you wish to communicate to your audience?

BE YOURSELF!  I know it’s such a common expression but in my story being myself encouraged me to create various, mind diverting pieces. Being my weird self of ideas popping in and out of my head was by observing people and their human psychology that are influenced by their surroundings. This devoured me into creating the complex versions of artwork that I make each and every day. “Being Your-Self can channel your inner intuitive power”. 

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