Stefan grew up in an artist family were his grandfather and great granfather was sculptors so he was surrounded by art from the begining of his life. Stefan started to paint and draw from the age when he could hold a pen with the goal of becoming a painter artist but fate brought him into photography instaid later on in life. He took numerous drawing courses and privat lessons from art professors of drawings over the years. Stefan had his first images publish in a magazine when he was only 10 years old. 1992 he dicovered photography and from 1992-94 he study photography at university level. After graduation he assisted over 30 different photographers for more then 3 years to get the experience. Stefan have been working as a photographer since 1997 with passion for art. He have had the honor to have his photos exhibited at numerous galleries around Europe and a exhibition in Manhattan New York so far.

I love the feeling of questioning when looking at interesting art, the curiosity of - what is it ! - and it applies to any intersting creation in any art media. I also like questions like, has the image a deeper meaning then I can see at the first impression, is the message is hidden under the surface of the first impression of the image or is the message that there is no message, but it made me stop and questioning. 

My creative precess starts with an image idea get stuck in my head and it keep reminding me of its existence and that it wants to be developed, born and coming into the physical world until i can ́t ignore that idea anymore, I have no choice, I have to create it and it must come out of from my head. 

During the creation process, I can stare into the ceiling for hours while the image is beeing created and built from an idea to a final image inside my head. 

When the image is completed in mental form, then only the craftmanship remains to try to recreate the same image in a physical form. 

To me the medium of creation does not really matter so much, it can be in musical form, drawing, painting, but the pace of photography and authenticity feeling of a photo media suits me. I am not so interested in the technical part of the creation as long as it workes well, the intresting part comes from the idea of the image.

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