Guido Corazziari was born July.11.1952 in Bari, Italy into a house full of artists. His grand-father, Guido Corazziari senior, very talented architect, artist and drawing professor, his mother as fine arts teacher and his father, ex movie-poster illustrator, influencing Guido to begin drawing and painting at a very early age. He grew up surrounded by art books and comics, a world populated by Botticelli, Superman, Picasso and Mickey Mouse. Further fueling his growing image bank were icons from television's early years: Carosello's Italian TV stars Calimero and Topo Gigio; reels of animated toons from the likes of Disney, Hanna-Barbera and Max Fleischer. The flowering of pop art in the 60's, particularly Andy Warhol, made an indelible impression on Corazziari's teen years.


Then in the late 60's Pop art morphed into a psychedelic feast for the eyes, blending sex, drugs and rock and roll culture. Corazziari's art expresses the pure joy of this pop experience in its collision of Las Vegas neon with Pollock's abstract painting, movie stars with new electronic aesthetics, and Vargas' pin-ups with Tiziano's Venus.The 70's were spent in Florence, where Guido's artistic journey reads like the classic story of a bohemian artist as he worked as a scenic photographer for ART/TAPES, an international art-video production center, where he interacted with the world's most innovative artists of the time. 


In 1980 he graduated with a degree in Architecture and then in 1981 became a tenured professor at the Accademia di Belle Arti, specializing in courses on Special Graphic Techniques. In 1983 he won an EEC scholarship to the "Domus Academy" in Milano, where he earned a Master's degree in design, and was influenced by his experiences in the exhilarating world of fashion in Milano. Then in 1984 he won first prize for Italy in the Lino & Moda contest and was invited to exhibit his works in Montecarlo. In 1987, thanks to another scholarship, Corazziari traveled to Paris, to attend the "Université de Marly Le Roi" where he obtained a diploma in Serigraphy. He now works as an architect and multimedia artist, and has exhibited his works in numerous galleries and museums in Italy and abroad.

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