*What are the core and fundamental themes and concepts of your art?

The most important theme for me is "love of live" and to bring that mood on the canvas as authentically as possible. Forms of Abstraction and the used color palette are my preferred language. I am not a friend of concepts, when I would have to say so, I try to express the female through colors. 

* How closely do these ideas relate to your creative process and the actual act of creating the art itself? 

I like to choose a bright background as well as vigorous and brighter colors. I work mainly with bigger brushs, with my fingers and with spatulas. So I built layer on layer and realize playful forms and schemes.

* Which artists/designers/creators (past or present)  are you inspired and influenced by?

Paul Cezanne, Vincent van Gogh, Frida Kahlo, Pavel Roucka

* Which of your work/works stands out as a highlight, a favorite, or a significant point in your creative growth and development? and why?

The triptych "Herzensbrecher" (Heartbreaker) is my favorite art work at the moment because it arose from an unintentional mistake that became a fantastic part of the art in the end. The created effect was a new inspiration for me.

 * An artist of powerful creative voice and message, what do you wish to communicate to your audience? 

For me its important to touch my audience positivley through my art work. They should see the bright and beautiful in the "Up and down" of life and develop delightful feelings through my art. Based loosely on "Always look on the bright side of life"!

* Creatively, professionally and in all aspects of being an artist, what are your goals for your upcoming works and art.

My goal is to develop myself further and further, work hard and with joy, as long as my style is recognisable for my audience.


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