Carolin Koss is a Helsinki based German-Finnish artist and filmmaker. Koss works with various media to create contemplative and aesthetic works. Embodying internal landscapes and tackling the subconsious sphere, stylised imagery or surreal set-ups, the artist invents dream realities which are often linked to real environmental, societal and psychological contexts. 

She completed her MFA degree at the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts in Helsinki in 2014. Her films and art works have been shown on various international exhibitions and film festivals e.g. in Helsinki, Stockholm, London, Berlin, Venice, Athens, St.Petersburg, Addis Ababa and New York. Koss was recently nominated for the “Young Achiever’s Award” at the Golden Women Awards in Helsinki, she won the 1st price at the Screen & Sound Fest in Kraków, she was granted with the “Hope Award for arising new talents” at the Unprecedented Filmfestival in Tallin, she was longlisted for the “Aesthetica Art Prize“ in York and shortlisted for a video competition by the band Radiohead.

A twelve year old girl named Aurora fnds herself trapped in an empty swimming pool. People from her subconscious visit her, who lead her on her path to overcome her fears. Yet she doesn’t know who to trust and who not, so she has to take her own initiative to fnd out why she keeps falling.

Breathing Tree consists of a dead tree covered in plastic. The plastic is moving on top of the branches as if the tree would be constantly breathing in and out. The installation was inspired by a rather shocking research on our plastic waste. We produced so much plastic that we could wrap our planet with wrapping six times. Most of the plastic ends up in our oceans, which is why there is already 6 times more plastic than plankton. The North Pacifc Ocean embodies the biggest dumping ground in the world, with a size twice as big as Germany. Plastic decomposes only slowly into tiny toxic pieces, which then get eaten by terres animals or marine creatures which eventually end up on our plates. With my installation I want to give an impulse to rethink wasteful behaviour and exploiting of nature.

In Artifcial Real new words and old worlds collide, vivid colours and grey nuances intertwine and nature and the artifcial grow rampant into each other. The photomontages are a playfull refection on our rapid urban development and restless times, which don’t leave much space for contemplation and peace of mind.

Emerald Green is a 3-channel video installation about a dystopian world, where nature has been rendered extinct, breathable air has gotten scarce and the sun has vanished due to exploitation of natural resources and human error. The focus is on 3 people who try to survive and escape into their sub-consciousness in order to re-imagine and rebuild the contaminated world they live in. The video installation is an imaginary reaction to real issues such as air becoming more and more polluted, water resources running dry, oceans accumulating tons of plastic waste, the human body degrading through processed food and an obscured force steering the fate of the world.

Leerlauf embodies an idle state, a continuous loop. It consists of footage I flmed in an Italian textile factory and the sound of a hand-made LP, which has one single circular track only.

White Table emerged from a repetitive recurring sound, a journey of embracing and getting rid of it and a dream, which made me visualize it.

Growth consists of two videos - one which I flmed in Iceland with focus on the preserved and untouched nature and the other one I flmed in a small industrial town by the Ural mountains, which is one of the most polluted places in the world and where nature has been destroyed through copper smelting. The images with their intense colours and structures look quite similar to each other, but they mean something totally diferent.

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